Blogs in Plain English

WeLoveBlog Blogs: Reading and writing blogs is about what? Conversation? Collaboration? Connection?  

Yes.  Can interaction with others help our minds expand, think, learn new unexpected ways? Let’s find out. Lets start a BLOG conversation right here and now.

But wait . . . First find out a little more about the history of BLOGS.  View below the video Blogs in Plain English



UNITED NATIONS MESSAGE: “You Can Make a Difference, You Matter, Your Life is Impotrant.” This video message
was sent to all students at Daylight/Twilight High School and Trenton, N.J. from the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) not long ago.

Accompanied by aspiring high school students from Nairobi, Kenya studying to become pilots, WFP sent this personal message below to the students at Daylight/Twilight High School who were utilizing WFP’s Free Rice Game to help feed hungry children around the world.

What an incredible game, that increases student’s vocabulary, technology, math, geographical and language skills, while also feeding hungry children. It’s a ‘Win-Win’.